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Discover our current product offering of Blouses by accessing the FLORII 2020 Lookbook. Our designers are also working hard to deliver the 2021 collection which will include a wider range of beautifully crafted clothing items such as: Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Vests, Jackets and Accessories. The FLORII brand takes inspiration from the world’s most stylish apparel that has stood the test of time, making our collections foolproof best sellers.

Exclusive Blouses

As always, details are what make a good design great. The FLORII signature embroidery, exquisite thread colors, unique fabrics and balloon sleeves make our Blouses excel in elegance and exclusivity. All our garments are influenced by traditional handmade nature-inspired motifs which are a work of art on their own; yet each design pairs perfectly with different styles, such as jeans, lace skirts or leather pants to create a memorable outfit.

Unique Fabrics

FLORII custom-made fabrics have a special finish and are created with the intention to last customers a long time and be easy to wash. These special fabrics are extremely soft to the touch and yet can withstand any embroidery designs. Our brand can produce these fabrics in multiple colors, including White, Ecru and Black. The material composition is as follows: 95% Viscose and 5% Polyamide.

Custom-made Embroidery

The FLORII’s vision is to encourage clothing to play a significant role in connecting humanity with its roots and nature. Our Brand believes creativity should be allowed without any limitation; and customers must not be restricted to wearing only certain designs, but everybody must have the freedom to explore their own cultural heritage and sense of style. As a result, with the backup of an excellently talented and dynamic team of designers and access to cutting-edge technology we are ready to fulfill any custom clothing requirements and ensure that your shelves never stay empty. We guarantee special bulk rates for any custom clothing orders.

Any entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the booming clothing industry or any business owners wishing to expand their existing business, feel free to get in touch with us via calls or emails. We will do our best to assist in order to find a tailored solution just for you.